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Works on Paper

I have a long history of creating works on paper; drawings, prints and books.  Drawing is thinking and for me where everything else begins.  


Cutting out the paper is something I learned as a child and then continued during art school - even making cut figures during life drawing class.  My earliest large cut paper pieces were made in 1986 and is a form that I continue to use today. 


Printmaking and book related work also begain the 80s during  undergraduate art school.   One thing informs another.  I have also worked with handmade paper as a Workspace artist with Dieu Donne Papermill.


In 1996 I studied at the Central Academy of Fine Art  in Beijing and earned a one year degree in advanced studies in folk art/studio.

The focus was on the study of  traditional papercuts, wood block prints and the brush painiting on ceramics  as an influence and in relation to one's contemporary studio practice.   I also went on numerous trips to rural villages in China.  This time period deepened my understanding not only of the craft but also the ritual aspect and its role in daily life and society.







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