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Wildlife trade, endangered species related artworks, exhibitons

Ongoing artworks revealing ironic tragedies behind


wildlife products with the cultural and healthy facades

ENDANGERED! exhibition and public programs


organized by Mary Ting, John Jay Presidents Gallery


Nov. 2016-March 2017



COMPASSION: For the Animals Great & Small


on wildlife trafficking and the Chinese market

exhibition and public programs

August 12 - September 26, 2015 

CAAC, 456 Gallery, 456 Broadway, 3fl. NYC 10013

COMPASSION: For the Animals Great & Small, an interdisciplinary project by artist Mary Ting, opens on Wednesday, August 12, 2015, 6-8pm to coincide with World Elephant Day.  In response to the current plight of animals endangered by the Chinese demand for wildlife products, Mary Ting has created COMPASSION: For the Animals Great & Small, an art exhibition and series of public programs to create awareness and promote change.  The exhibition features a series of drawings by Mary Ting and a group installation of recycled cardboard endangered animal sculptures by her John Jay College students, and an education section with WILD AID PSAs and information from 96 elephants.

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